Deaf-led Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Spirit Collection

Event information

Event type: Behind-the-scenes, tour

Location: Zoology spirit building

Ticket prices:

Adult: £15

Join John Wilson behind the scenes for a British Sign Language deaf-led tour around the Museum’s fascinating Spirit Collection.

Explore some of the Darwin Centre’s 27 kilometres of shelves and encounter numerous treasures hidden among the 22 million animal specimens housed here.

You’ll meet Archie, our 8.62-metre-long giant squid, view specimens collected by Charles Darwin himself and learn more about our cutting-edge research. Please note this tour is in British Sign Language and does not include a voiceover.


Important information

The tour is suitable for adults and children over twelve years old. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Bags are not allowed on the tour, but free use of the cloakroom is included in your ticket.

If you'll be using a wheelchair on this tour, please let us know in advance so can we make appropriate arrangements.

Please arrive at the cloakroom in Hintze Hall (Green Zone) a few minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin.

Got a question? Call us on +44 (0)20 7942 5000, Monday to Friday, 9.30-17.30.

Event dates
9 December 2018 11.30-12.30, 13.30-14.30
9 February 2019 11.30-12.30, 13.30-14.30
13 March 2019 11.30-12.30, 13.30-14.30

Meeting point

Please meet next to the cloakroom in Hintze Hall (Green Zone) a few minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin.

Exclusive Member tour

Members have access to exclusive, extended tours of the Spirit Collection.