Lates: Female of the Species

After hours at the Museum

Enjoy exhibitions, talks, science demos, food and drinks by night on the last Friday of the month.

Is the female of the species really more deadly than the male?

Join us to roam around the Museum after hours and discover the role of females in nature and women science.

  • 26 October 2018, 18.00-22.00

  • Free entry, with some paid activities. 

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The Missing Half of Science

Join Angela Saini, the author of Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and discover more about the place and role of women in science in this free Nature Live talk.


Mother Chimp

In this free Nature Live talk, hear from primatologist Adriana Lowe about how her research on primate societies took her to the Budongo Conservation Field station in Uganda.


Pop-up science stations

Hang out with Museum scientists as they delve into the interesting behaviours of female spiders, fish, birds and naked mole rats.


Black History Trail: Behind the Brand

The study of natural history is filled with explorers and mavericks but there are plenty who remain unknown or ignored. Who were the scientists, the collectors, the unsung minds behind our understanding of the natural world?

Join senior curator Dr Miranda Lowe in Hintze Hall to explore the contribution of black people to the field of natural history, and uncover the untold stories at the heart of the Museum.


Go behind the scenes

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum's fascinating zoology spirit collection, where you'll meet Archie the giant squid.

£10, bookings recommended
Tours run every half hour from 18.30

Visit exhibitions

Buy your tickets to visit Life in the Dark and Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Lates this October.

The Wider Earth

Follow the adventures of a young Charles Darwin in a new play featuring remarkable puppetry. 

Until 30 December