Explore the Museum by night

Stay on at the Museum until 22.00 on the last Friday of the month.

Entry is free but you need tickets for some activities and exhibitions.

Meet scientists and explore the theme of extinction at this month's Lates, with food, drink, pop-up events and more. 

Find out what scientists are doing to prevent species extinction, discover extinct animals of the past and come face to face with rare specimens from behind the scenes at the Museum.

More than 99% of all species that have ever lived on Earth have gone extinct. Mass extinctions are rare, but scientists are alarmed that many species that go extinct may never have been known to science.

Fabulous food and drink

Extinguish your thirst with cocktails, wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks at the bars in the North Hall and Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery, and kill off the cravings with delicious hot meals in The Kitchen.

Free talk: A Short History of Sharks

Attenborough Studio
19.00-19.30 and 20.00-20.30

Join Museum scientist Emma Bernard to hear about sharks - past and present - with extreme adaptations, such as extinct sharks that dwarf their living relatives, and others that seem too strange to be true.

  • 30 June 2017
    Open until 22:00

Museum map

Use the Museum map to plan your evening and find the events and pop-up science stations. Entry is via the Exhibition Road entrance only.

Tour the spirit collection

Go behind-the-scenes at Lates with our science educators for a look at the Museum's fascinating zoology collection preserved in spirit.

Pop-up science stations

Meet scientists and learn about extinction at pop-up stations.

Wildlife by night

Buy your tickets to visit Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Lates this month.