Join us at Lates

Explore the Museum until 22.00 on the last Friday of the month. Entry is free, but you’ll need to book tickets in advance for some activities and exhibitions.

Which beasts once roamed Trafalgar Square?

This month at Lates, explore the nature on our doorstep - past, present and future. Put your identification skills to the test in our Wildlife Garden, come face-to-face with British species you may have never even heard of, and discover how to help conserve our natural history.

British natural history is rich and varied, familiar and surprising.

The plants, animals and fossils found in the UK are the best studied and recorded in the world, yet they often go unnoticed in our day-to-day lives. So come along to Lates to celebrate and explore the diverse and ever-changing wildlife that exists on our shores.


Hippos in Trafalgar Square

Free in Attenborough Studio at 19.15 and 20.15

Can you imagine rhinos and mammoths wandering Uxbridge, or giant lions and hippos roaming Trafalgar Square?

Join Museum scientist, Roula Pappa, for a closer look at the fossils that have been unearthed around the city.

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  • 26 May 2017
    Open until 22:00

Museum map

Use the Museum map to plan your evening and find the events and pop-up science stations. Entry is via the Exhibition Road entrance only.

Food, drink and fossils

Find fantastic hot meals in The Kitchen and enjoy cocktails, wine, pale ale, lager and soft drinks and snacks at the bars in North Hall and Fossil Marine Reptiles.

Tour the spirit collection

Go behind-the-scenes at Lates with our knowledgeable science educators for a look at the Museum's fascinating zoology collection preserved in spirit.

Pop-up science stations

Meet our scientists and learn about British natural history at a range of pop-up stations as you explore the galleries after dark at Lates.

Visit exhibitions

Buy your tickets to visit Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Lates this month.