Pop-up science stations: Lates

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Event type: Drop-in, evening event, meet the scientist

Location: Throughout the Museum

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Meet our scientists at a range of pop-up stations as you explore the Museum after dark at Lates.

Nature’s Lab

Ever wondered what goes into the planning of a scientific exploration or what it’s like out in the field?

Join Museum scientist Erica McAlister as she shows her tools of the trade for collecting specimens while revealing interesting tales and specimens from a recent trip to Dominica.

Out of this World

Meet the Museum scientists working at the forefront of space research. Get answers to your pressing questions about meteorites and what they can tell us, current and upcoming space missions, space travel, planetary protection and beyond.

The Deep Sea Zone

Find out how scientists discover what lies in the deepest, darkest depths of our oceans using incredible technology including ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). See all the ROV action with breath-taking Nautilus Live footage. 

Event dates
31 August 2018 18.00-21.30

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