Pop-up science stations at Lates

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Event type: drop-in, evening event

Location: Throughout the Museum

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Adult: Free

Meet our scientists and learn about British natural history at a range of pop-up stations, as you explore the Museum after dark at Lates.

Dangerous beauties: the world's tiniest insects

Location: Fossil way in the Green Zone

Discover the miniature, ethereal world of British chalcid wasps, as Museum curator Natalie Dale-Skey exhibits specimens from our collection and stunning magnified images of these beautiful insects.   

The Art of British Nature

Location: Image of Nature in the Blue Zone 

Create your own masterpiece with a specimen drawing session in celebration of our current Art of British Nature exhibition, while seating amongst illustrations from our 300 year old collection. 

British species identification

Learn how to identify common British species that are abundant in spring time, with the help of the team from the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity.

Find out how and why we can accurately record British species and discover some of the more bizarre and exotic species the team have encountered.

Wildlife Garden

Spring is in full swing and the Museum’s Wildlife Garden is a buzz with action. Enjoy an evening visit to the garden. Look out for moorhens with their first broods of chicks, robins, wrens and blackbirds building nests in woodland areas and hedges in bloom If you’re lucky, you might see pipistrelle bats hunting for midges and other small flies as the sun sets.

London Wildlife Trust

Location: Dino way in the Blue Zone

London Wildlife Trust is dedicated to protecting the capital's wildlife and wild spaces, engaging London's diverse communities through free access to nature reserves, campaigning, volunteering and education. Drop in to find out how we can and help conserve London’s wildlife.

Thames 21

Location: Fossil way in the Green Zone

The Thames and its ecosystems are incredibly important for humans and wildlife. Rivers, canals and stretches of open water are the perfect antidote to urban living and Thames 21 work tirelessly to re-wild and protect them every year. Visit Thames 21 to discover how to enjoy, protect and enhance the Thames: London’s lifeline.

Event dates
26 May 2017 18.00-21.30

Museum map

Use the Museum map to plan your evening and find the events and pop-up science stations. Entry is via the Exhibition Road entrance only.


This event is part of Lates, where you can explore the Museum after hours. Don't miss the other great events happening the same evening.