Pop-up science stations at Lates

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Event type: drop-in, evening event

Location: Throughout the Museum

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Adult: Free

At Lates, meet scientists and learn about extinction at these pop-up stations.

The Big Question: Should we save the Panda?

Location: Dinosaur Way in the Blue Zone

Chat to conservationists from ZSL's conservation programme, EDGE of existence. With resources and money often in short supply for conservation projects around the world, how do scientists decide where that money goes and what species are prioritised? Find out about the EDGE of existence programme and the difficult choices facing conservationists.

Mammals on the Brink

Location: Dinosaur Way in the Blue Zone

Discover unique and unusual mammels from the collection and find out how museum collections are instrumental in helping scientists understand and save these animals from extinction.

Miniature Fossils Magnified

Location: Birds gallery in the Green Zone

Foraminifera are tiny shelled organisms that lived in shallow tropical seas millions of years ago. These microscopic fossils can reveal secrets about past environments. Find out more about these tiny creatures and have a go at helping scientists create digital records and document this important collection for future generations.

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Use the Museum map to plan your evening and find the events and pop-up science stations. Entry is via the Exhibition Road entrance only.


Science pop-up stations are among a range of fun activities that you can take part in at Lates.