Who we are

DeWorm3 is a global project comprising partners across the world working together towards a common goal.  

Dr Judd Walson

Principal Investigator of DeWorm3
Principal Research Fellow at the Natural History Museum
Associate Professor at the University of Washington





Benin trial site

Dr Moudachirou Ibikounlé - Site Principal Investigator

Dr Adrian Luty - Site Principal Investigator

Parfait Houngbegnon - Site Data Manager

Manfred Accrombessi - Site Trial Coordinator


India trial site

Dr Sitara S.R. Ajjampur - Site Principal Investigator

Saravanakumar Puthupalayam Kaliappan - Site Trial Coordinator

Jasmine Farzana - Site Data Manager


Malawi trial site

Dr Khumbo Kalua -  Site Principal Investigator

Professor Robin Bailey - Site Principal Investigator

Dr Rachel Pullan - site Principal Investigator

Stefan Witek-McManus - Site Trial Coordinator

Alvin Chisambi - Site Data Manager



The Natural History Museum 

Dr Tim Littlewood - Senior Responsible Officer DeWorm3

Iain Gardiner - Chief Operating Officer 

Elodie Yard - Trial Liaison Benin

Leanne Doran - Operations Manager

Catherine Wheller - Communications Manager

Dr David Rollinson - PPAC Member DeWorm3

The Global Health Clinical Trials and Implementation Science Support Unit 

University of Washington

Dr Arianna Rubin Means - Implementation Lead Researcher

Dr Kristjana Ásbjörnsdóttir - Trial Protocol and Data Integrity Director

Marie-Claire Gwayi-Chore  - Research Assistant

Sean Galagan - Data Reporting Manager

Mira Emmanuel-Fabula - Data Quality Manager

Barbara Richardson - Study Statistician

Deborah Donnell - Statistician

Katherine Thomas - Statistician


Trial Conduct and Coordination Support Unit

The London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Kate Halliday - Clinical Trial Operations Director

Hugo Legge - Clinical Trial Operations Coordinator

Dr Will Oswald - Data Systems Director

David Kennedy - Data Systems Manager


Transmission Modelling and Trial Simulation Support Unit 

Imperial College London

Professor Sir Roy Anderson - Support Unit Lead

Dr Marleen Werkman - Research Associate

Dr James Truscott - Research Associate

Dr James Wright - Research Associate


Economic and Cost-Effectiveness Support Unit 

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Dr Fabrizio Tediosi - Support Unit Lead

Katya Galactionova - Research Associate

Maitreyi Sahu - Research Associate 


Diagnostic Quality Assurance and Control Support Unit 

NHM, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Smith College

Dr Sitara S.R. Ajjampur - Support Unit co-Lead 

Prof. Steven Williams, Support Unit co-Lead 

Dr Fabian Schär, Trial Liaison Malawi

Dr Raju Misra, Laboratory Consultant

Dr Dilip Abraham, Research Associate

Marina Papaiakovou, Research Associate

Nihls Pilotte, Research Associate



Research partners

DeWorm3 is founded on a strong community of experts in STHs parasitology research, health managers, community leaders and participants.