Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure

Dippy on tour illustration of Diplodocus skeleton and natural history objects

Dippy, the Natural History Museum's iconic Diplodocus cast, is going on a natural history adventure across the UK.

Dippy hopes you'll join him. There are incredible natural history collections and biodiversity to explore right on your doorstep.

Dippy will be visiting the following venues:

Dippy in Birmingham

After Dorset, Dippy makes his way to Birmingham. He will be surprised to learn that not all dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago - the meat-eating theropods evolved into creatures you see every day: birds.

Alas, Dippy is a sauropod dinosaur and his kind did not survive.

Museum scientist Arkhat Abzhanov  says:

'There are around 10,000 species of dinosaurs alive today. They are hugely successful and as different as night-hunting owls, speedy ostriches and diving ducks.

'While he's in Birmingham, Dippy will find out how the scary and scaly dinosaurs evolved into modern birds and the evidence for this change. He'll also explore the secrets of birds' success and what they can teach us about the extinct dinosaurs.'

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Our activities, games and worksheets will help you continue your natural history adventure. All learning resources are aligned to curriculums across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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