Adventures with Dippy

These lesson outlines and learning resources will take children aged 7-11 on a natural history adventure with Dippy. You don't need to visit Dippy to use them.

The resources are designed to complement Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure.

There are eight episodes, which relate to the stops on Dippy's journey. Each considers a different theme with clear links to the national curriculum for 7- to 11-year-olds across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The resources can be used individually and in any order.

Each challenge begins with a postcard from an expert scientist, curator or researcher. At the end of each episode pupils can email their findings to Dippy's team, and will receive a reply.

Dorset: Jurassic forest

Use imagination and creative skills to recreate lost worlds (Science, Maths)

Birmingham: The big bird watch

Develop field skills in animal identification, and compare extinct animals with living descendants (Science, English)

Belfast: A game of snakes and antlers

Play a game to learn about various evolutionary and environmental changes (Science)

Glasgow: The beaver's back!

Discover different perspectives on the issue of beaver re-wilding (Science, English)

The other four episodes will be added in January 2018.


Big Jurassic Classroom

For additional school resources, visit our Dippy on Tour partner the Jurassic Coast Trust's Big Jurassic Classroom, where you will find a wide range of Earth science activities.

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