Venom: Killer and cure


Enter the realm of venomous creatures in this eye-opening exhibition.

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Encounter some of the world's most venomous creatures and discover their surprising connection to human health.

Get up close to all kinds of specimens, from snakes, centipedes, snails and scorpions to the unassuming platypus.

See the world through the eyes of both predator and prey and explore the effects of venom and the role it plays in the natural world.

Find out how across cultures and time, humans have found creative ways to neutralise and harness the properties of venom, and how today some of nature's deadliest venoms are actually saving lives.

Please note this exhibition contains content that some may find distressing.

Exhibition highlights include:

  • a live venomous creature
  • the head of a gaboon viper, the species with the biggest known venomous fangs
  • the insects with some of the most painful venoms known to science
  • the enchanting flower urchin, whose venom can cause temporary muscular paralysis in humans
  • the unusual love life of the emperor scorpion - where seduction has a sting in the tail
  • the box jellyfish, whose embrace can kill humans in under five minutes
  • scientists whose ideas represent the cutting edge of venom research and its use in modern medicine
Dr Ronald Jenner, venom evolution expert at the Museum, says, 'Venom pervades the natural and human world everywhere on Earth and not always in the way you might expect. There are ants with venoms stronger than cobras, and other venomous predators are regularly served up in seafood dinners.'


Braille books and large-print guides are available in the exhibition.

Other access provisions can be made available with advance notice.

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  • 10 November - 13 May

  • Online

    Adult £7 - £9

    Child and concession £5

    Family £21


    On the door

    Adult £7 - £10.50

    Child and concession £6.50

    Family £25.50


    Free for Members, Patrons, children under four and Disability Personal Assistants.

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